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CMH Series

CO2 Laser Cutting Machine

Main functions: Top camera, projector, electric double heads, up & down table, CCD camera.

Bottom and top of CMH machine – the collect box is dismountable in order to install the lifting system. Redesign the collecting box to improve the exhaust system. Machine with various configurations (universal version, CCD camera, single or double heads) share the same upper cover.

Up & down table – the lifting system can be installed into the standard machine directly, just removing the collecting box.​

Top Camera – with the top camera install into the machine, the cover will be removed. Full cover with top cover is optional.

Projector – with this function the operator is able to align the material to the exact cutting area to ensure the cutting accuracy. The cover has to be removed while install the projector.

Adjust the height to save the freight (double deck in 40HQ) – the height of all CMH machine is not higher than 1100mm.

CCD camera on transmission system – new camera with internet access, reducing the bending of camera wire, lengthen its lifetime.

Cutting head – external diameter of the lens holder is 25mm, with better concentricity. The lens holder is compatible with all 50.8mm, 63.5mm and 75mm lens. Choose different extension tube when cutting different material.

Up & down table – lifting system consists of 4 threaded rods + motor + belt, ensuring the stability of the lifting platform. The whole lifting system is an independent module, which can be added to the standard structure of CMH series machine directly.​

Machine cabinet – the cabinet of CMH is compatible with both standard working table and the up & down table. The collecting box is formed in one piece sheet to enhance the exhausting performance. So does the sides of machine cabinet, to make sure its intensity and the stability of the transmission system during work. The CMH adds an independent LED switch on the right side of the cabinet.

Cover – the side cover is now sealed by removable plate in case the customer wants to change higher power laser tube.

Optimization on detail – to shorten the installation time and decrease the percentage of damage, the fan will be formed on the metal part instead of the metal mesh. And the size of the fan is enlarged from 80*80mm to 120*120mm to improve the cooling effect.

Transmission system – cancel the bearing beam of the guide beam.

Socket – the socket of the CMH machine is moved to the inner side of the machine, to avoid any accident caused by human error on power line.

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