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The LTS CP RF systems fit CO2 laser radio-frequency sources - manufactured by El.En - directly on board the machine so as to reach extremely compact dimensions and simplify the optical path.

This guarantees high cutting quality, limited maintenance operations as well as steady and constant outcomes. Both efficiency and performance are at hand due to these “small” great machines that are equipped with a linear motor on the Y axis.

The application fields range from plastics cutting to wood and textile machining and the compact dimensions do not prevent these systems from also cutting metal through the use of a capacitive head that is offered as an option.

Even the LTS line can optionally benefit from a high-performance galvo marking, thus opening up to a number of applications, in which high-efficiency cutting and decoration combine so as to get unique results. The LTS compact systems’ range is the ideal solution if

you are looking for the advantages of laser manufacturing as well as extraordinary prices .

In this case too, the various applications can count on two dimensions, that are 2050 x 1550

mm for the LTS CP RF 2015 and 3080 x 2050 mm for the LTS CP RF 3020.

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