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Bending machine

Heating machine
Monobending bilateral
1 separable heating group or
2 two separable heating groups

Sheet thickness 20mm.

Adjustable heating area 15 – 80mm

Max length heated 2000 mm.- 3000mm

Max width heated 80 mm

Min width heated 20mm

Bilateral heating

Quartz resistance infrared rays with refraction parabola

Double electronic adjustment of temperature

Water cooled limiting devices area

Pneumatic control to move the top heating group

Cut out selector for top and lower group

Rear square 1000mm

Extensible front support

Timer for automatic opening

Warning horn for opening/closing machine

Feeding 380 V – 50/60 Hz + neutral wire and ground wire

Power installed 4,65 KW – 6.55KW


Cooling Unit tp. ICE

Ice Liquid

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