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Plus LM

The PLUS CP RF systems are the ideal solution for the laser cutting of PMMA + Acrylic.

The PLUS CP RF series machines have been specifically designed to get the highest performance. They feature onboard CO2 laser radio-frequency sources manufactured by El.En. that guarantee extraordinary cutting quality. One more point of strength of the PLUS CP RF machines is the efficiency: the magnetic linear motors operate on board the axes, thus allowing the cutting head (simultaneous) acceleration up to 2,5 g and speed of 140 meters per minute (interpolated value).

The capacitive head that can be adjusted to the cutting head makes it a flexible instrument for the metal laser cutting. In short, you can use the same machine for applications on both plastics and metal with significant saving of resources. Furthermore, due to a compact structure and the front loading/unloading system, the machine can be loaded while operating so that it is always on.

If your work requires high volumes of manufacturing, efficiency and quality in plastics cutting, PLUS CP RF is the right machine to reduce costs and to streamline manufacturing.

The PLUS CP RF is available in power configurations up to 850 W, while the working table dimensions range from 2550 x 1550mm to 3080 x 2050mm.

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