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EasyBender G6 Pro

EasyBender G6 PRO is our premier model that comes standard with Perf Modules, Broaching & Nicking units. The overall working speed has been extremely increased by 90% compared to the previous models of our EasyBender offerings. New Look, New Features with the Same Reliability you have come to expect from EasyBender.

Our Brand-New Operating Software, named EasyBender, now provides a seamless user experience with intuitive and ease-of-use graphical interfaces. Helper tools have been added to reduce the time needed to keep your EasyBender in complete calibration within a few short minutes. Don’t worry we have improved upon the features that you have come to love… GUI Bending Simulation & Adjustment, Same Shape Recognition and more.

The EasyBender G6 PRO can be configured to process 2pt, 3pt & 4pt steel rule from 23.3mm to 31.75mm in height (CF, CFDB, SF, SFDB, and Serrated). With Auto Height-Adjustable End Cut & Perf Modules, your diemaker can easily switch from processing 2pt 23.3mm to 2pt 31.75mm with a few clicks of your mouse.

The EasyBender G6 PRO is the first steel rule bending machines to allow you to either Cut First – Bend Last or Bend First – Cut Last options. Diemakers can choose either option to maximize the output of your EasyBender G6 PRO. Utilize the Cut First – Bend Last option process straight rule and segments with a few bends. When a job requires more intricate bent segments choose the Bend First – Cut Last option allowing extreme accuracy. Bend 1-100 pieces and have the confidence that they are exactly the same.

New Bending Module design. No longer do you have to remove the Top bending gear to change your machine over from cutting rule height and thickness. Our new design has reduced the needed change over time adding valuable production capacity.

RuleHeight23.3mm - 31.75mm
Thickness2pt, 3pt, 4pt
CuttingPerforation3 Custom sizes (Micro perforation available)
Minimum width2pt: 1.6mm / 3pt, 4pt: 3.0mm
Maximum width7.0mm
Fully automatic height adjustableMax 5.0mm
Notching2 Custom sizes
Minimum width2pt: 1.6mm / 3pt: 3.0mm / 4pt: 6.0mm
Maximum width7.0mm (Wider notches will double punch)
Height adjustable with shims12mm - 21mm
End CutEnd Miter, Start Miter, Straight, Straight Top, Top Miter
Fully automatic height adjustable
BendingRule thickness2pt3pt4pt
Maximum angle125°120°115°
Smallest radius that can be bent 180°3.2mm3.8mm5mm
Shortest distance from start to a sharp bend2mm3mm4mm
Shortest distance from end to a sharp bend4mm8mm10mm
BroachingV & Flat type
Digital depth control
Nicking5 Nicking tools (0.2mm - 1.0mm)
Digital depth control
Side Nicking available
Post-CuttingAvailable on all rule thickness including 4pt with any bevel type
Cut First - Bend Last / Bend First - Cut Last
Inkjet Marking(Optional)
(W x D x H)
System without a tray1,620mm x 910mm x 1,700mm
System with a tray1,735mm x 910mm x 1,700mm
Coil Cassette680mm x 675mm x 1,150mm
WeightOperating Weight560kg
Shipping Weight760kg
PowerVoltage220VAC, 15A, 50/60Hz, 1P
Max Peak Current13A, 3kW
Average Current4A, 920W
Air PressureMax Pressure0.9MPa (9kg/cm2)
Operating Range (typical)0.5 - 0.6MPa (4.5-5.5kg/cm2)
EnvironmentTemperature10 - 35℃
Humidity10 - 80%

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