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State of the art Sign Making Automation

LP Systems Ltd in Nuneaton provide state-of-the-art Sign making machines across the UK allowing you to automate your sign making operation saving you time and money. From fast bending to hole punching, our precision machines are designed to produce quality results every time.

Channel Bender Series

The most complete line of cutting-edge channel letter fabrication solutions. From bending, flanging, broaching and punching to sanding, trim cap and stapling. LP systems have a solution which will make your business more profitable.
Whether you are bringing channel letters in house for the first time, looking to minimise cost and increase production or take efficiency to a whole new level there is a Channel Bender Series solution for you.

Channel Bender specification Table

 ChannelBender EXChannelBender SXPChannelBender SXChannelBender XDChannelBender R/T
Hole Punching6.3mm and 3mm   
Broaching YesYesYesYes
Coil Thickness*0.8mm - 1.6mm0.6mm - 1.6mm0.6mm - 1.6mm0.8mm - 2mm0.6mm - 1.6mm
Coil Height25.4mm - 152mm25.4mm - 200mm25.4mm - 200mm38mm - 216mm25.4mm - 200mm
Trimless YesYes Yes
Mild Steel YesYes Yes
Stainless Steel YesYes Yes
Brass YesYes Yes

Channel Bender EX


Channel Bender R/T

Channel Bender SX

Channel Bender SXP

Channel Bender XD

Channel Sander


Variety of Materials

As a frequently-requested service, this has become one of our favorite projects. We use only the top materials and techniques to ensure a quality job well done. We’ve managed to get this service time down to one hour – just enough time for a quick lunch before we send you on your way.


LetterForm® & LiquiForm®

Our proprietary material allows users to easily produce timeless channel letters having unique and elegant appearance


Accurate Feeding System

Precise work based on accurate measurement and feeding system


Accurate and Fast Bending Module

Patented bending module quickly completes any jobs with high accuracy


Fully Automatic Height Adjustable Hole Punching Unit

Powerful hydraulic hole punching unit easily makes drain and pilot holes anywhere in material


Flange and Notching Unit

Powerful hydraulic flange & notching unit is capable of forming various flanged channel letters


Digitally Controlled Broaching Unit

Broaching unit allows for the precise forming of intricate shapes


Post Cut Unit

Newly designed post cut unit for batch processing and flange removal at seam overlap


Easy-To-Use and Intuitive GUI

Our proprietary software, Bender CAD, provides easy-to-use and intuitive graphical user interface


Automatic Rivet Hole Creation

Bender CAD automatically recognizes holes in the drawing and creates corresponding rivets


Automatic Overlap Creation

Bender CAD provides automatic overlap creation function for perfect finishing

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