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EasyBender R-Pro

EasyBender R-Pro is the next generation multi-diameter rotary die steel rule bending machine.

Automatic positioning multi-diameter function allows users to quickly change over with a wide range of the curved steel rules.

With our customizable tool blocks, users can process various pieces such as straight cut, full miter cut, single/double rotary radius notch, rotary angle notch, perforation(cut-crease), and even Evo holes.

With brand-New Operating Software, EasyBender, is now able to providee a seamless user experience with intuitive and ease-of-use graphical interfaces. Helper tools have been added to reduce the time needed to keep your EasyBender in complete calibration within a few short minutes. Don’t worry we have improved upon the features that you have come to love… GUI Bending Simulation & Adjustment, Same Shape Recognition, and more.

EasyBender R-Pro is capable of processing and bending 4pt, notched and no notched curved rule, up to 31.75mm, from 254 to 699mm diamter of the curved steel rule.

With MDR cut mode, users can finish the whole sequence in double quick time for any pieces which have no need to be bended.

RuleHeight24.00mm - 31.75mm
Thickness4pt (serrated)
Diameter257mm - 695mm
Dimension (W x D x H)System1,440mm x 1,050mm x 1,550mm
WeightOperating Weight400kg
Power220VAC, Max. 15A, 50/60Hz, 1P
Air pressure0.5Mpa - 0.6Mpa (Max. 0.7Mpa)
EnvironmentTemperature10 - 35℃
Humidity10 - 80%

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