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EasyBender S1

EasyBender S1 is the newest model of the machine that revolutionised diemaking, the machine that changed the way the world makes dies. Incorporating the same reliable design that has become the industry standard, EasyBender S1 features the latest version of our software and an elegant new cabinet design. Waiting for the right time to buy? This is our most affordable fully automated steel rule bender yet.

Fast, accurate, and reliable, the new fully automated SDS EasyBender S1 precisely cuts (straight and mitre with bevel support), bends, and notches 2 and 3 point rule up to 1.25” high. Its patented bending mechanism and single linear process produce one or one hundred pieces of rule that fit the die the first time, every time!

RuleHeight (basic)23.3mm - 50.8mm
Thickness (basic)1.5pt, 2pt, 3pt, 4pt
You can customize the machine to use rules not described above
Cutting6 Customizable tools
(Straight cut, Miter cut, Notching, Perforation, Crease end cuts, Punching hole, Dovetail joint, etc.)
BendingRule thickness1.5pt2pt3pt4pt
Maximum angle125°125°120°115°
Smallest radius that can be bent 180°2.794mm3.200mm3.810mm5.004mm
Shortest distance from start to a sharp bend1.600mm2.007mm2.997mm3.988mm
Shortest distance from end to a sharp bend3.581mm3.988mm8.001mm10.008mm
(W x D x H)
System1,220mm x 915mm x 1,321mm
Coil cassetteLow type680mm x 675mm x 1,150mm
High type680mm x 675mm x 1,170mm
Power220VAC, Max. 15A, 50/60Hz, 1P
Air pressure0.5Mpa - 0.6Mpa (Max. 0.7Mpa)

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