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EasyCutter, fully automatic process, helps users to maximize the productivity.

Good for steel rule from 23.3 to 50.8mm in height and from 1.5pt to 4pt in thickness.

Precision length measurement based unit allows to leave accurate bending marks.

EasyCutter works well with any benders on the market.

RuleHeight(basic)23.3mm - 50.8mm
Thickness(basic)1.5pt, 2pt, 3pt, 4pt
You can customize the machine to use rules not described above
Cutting6 Customizable tools
(Straight cut, Miter cut,
Notching, Perforation, Crease end cuts, Punching hole, Dovetail joint, etc.)
(W x D x H)
System(Coil cassette included)1,805mm x 935mm x 1,202mm
WeightSystem(Coil cassette included)330kg
Power220VAC, Max.15A, 50/60Hz, 1P
Air pressure0.5Mpa - 0.6Mpa (Max. 0.7Mpa)

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