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Channel Bender XD

Channel Bender XD is capable of handling up to 2.0mm thickness of aluminium for bending and processing.

Bend up to 2.0mm aluminium and can produce flanged and reverse letters in coil ranging from 38mm to 216mm in height.

With adjustable broaching mechanism, Channel Bender XD has the ability to precisely fabricate aluminium return materials.

Broaching results in crisp, sharp, precise bends and allows for the forming of intricate shapes, like 19.05mm serifs using 2.0mm aluminium.

Our proprietary software called Bender CAD is compatible with all of the industry standard CAD files, and provides users with intuitive interface.

BendingMaximum angle120° - Coil
Smallest radius that can be bent a full 180°38.1mm with 2.0mm - Coil
Shortest distance from end to a sharp bend40mm
Shortest distance from start to a sharp bend25.4mm
FlangeMaximum thickness2.0mm
Depth9.5mm, 12.7mm
Flange notching
Angle30°, 60°, 100°, 130°
Cut-off toolO
MaterialsCoilOutside diameter660mm Only
Thickness0.8mm - 2.0mm
Height38mm - 216mm
PowerSystem220VAC, Max.15A, 50/60Hz, 1P
Oil pump220VAC, 6.4/3.7A (max/typ)
System2,370mm x 1,110mm x 1,500mm
Coil cassette760mm x 760mm x 1,070mm

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